Fact Factory Catalog


Quiverfull | Fiction | Bards and Sages Quarterly, January 2017The hospital eunuchs bring him back awake by adjusting the chemicals in his drip. | Notes


Deus Ex Parasitus | Fiction | Perihelion, December 2016 | The job to cut out Creek’s brain is going perfectly well until it all goes completely wrong. | Notes

Jenny Cola | Fiction | The Colored Lens: Spring 2016 | The vending machine in the science building sometimes glitched and coughed up two cans for the price of one, so I always made the walk across campus to it, even on the days I didn’t have bio classes. | Notes

Text Based | Fiction | Kasma SF (originally published in Aoife’s Kiss) | You are alone in the dark. What do you do? | Notes

A Citizen’s Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven | Fiction | Orthogonal: The War at Home | Max believes that Heaven and God are not real until people make them so, until people build them. | Notes

Zero Sum | Poetry | Outposts of Beyond, July 2016

The Distant Future | Poetry | Eye to the Telescope, Issue 21


And Then There Were Infinite | Fiction | New Myths, Issue 32 | Author Interview | “Do you ever feel like you’re standing with your finger in the dam of reality?” | Notes


Just Imagine | Fiction | Passing Out Victorious | Jonathan, he says, where did this bucket of Legos come from? | Notes


Pizza Night | Non-fiction | Lip Service West, Chapter 14 | So here we are, you and I, sitting on the side of the Interstate just outside of Phoenix, trying to hitchhike to Tucson–one desert shithole to another. | Notes

Beekeeper Kings | Poetry | Analog Press, Vol. 4

Curves Like A Waist | Poetry | Analog Press, Vol. 4

Hack It | Poetry | Analog Press, Vol. 4


The Printer Repairman | Fiction | Kaleidotrope #13 | His shop is filled with enough chemicals to give you a contact high, vapors of ink and solvents that could make you see things, if you spent any amount of time in the backroom… | Notes

Baleen Whale | Poetry | Chiron Review #95

(Look at Us) | Poetry | Chiron Review #95

An Elm Sleeps | Poetry | Jones Av. XV/3

Isn’t It Enough | Poetry | Jones Av. XV/3

There’s Some Type of Mollusk | Poetry | Jones Av. XV/3

Beehive Arrangement of Glass | Poetry | Jones Av. XVI/2

Unfolded Their Sails | Poetry | Anemone Sidecar Chapter 13

2010 and Previously

Sandcastles | Fiction | Electric Spec, Vol. 5 Issue 4 | I see much from the roof of my house. I like to sit under the white awning that shades me, with a bottle of water, and look at the wonders of my city. | Notes

After Only So Much | Poetry | Blood Lotus #17

After Rain | Poetry | The Centrifugal Eye, Vol. 5 Issue 4 | Author Interview

Cathedral Bells | Poetry | The Centrifugal Eye, Vol. 5 Issue 4 | Author Interview

This Is What You Say | Poetry | Censored Poets

6 Modern Technologies Animals Invented Millions of Years Ago | Non-fiction | | Our species takes a lot of pride in technology, to the point that it’s pretty much the one thing we lord over all the others. But maybe we’re too quick to pat ourselves on the back…

6 Things That Shouldn’t Explode (But Did Anyway) | Non-fiction | | Michael Bay is right: Somewhere, right now, something is exploding.

Prairieprayer | Poetry | Unquiet Desperation, Vol. 1 Issue 10

A Socialist Butterfly | Poetry | Transfer 92