Creation Myth for “Just Imagine”

Where do you get your ideas?

This story came about nearly fully formed, all at once, during a shift while working at the county library. My supervisor walked into the staff room carrying an old bucket of Legos, which he and his partner had found while cleaning out their garage, planning to donate it to some children’s fund.

The other staff talked about how old it was, how quaint the illustrations on the side were, how charming to find such a cherished childhood toy from so long ago. Our supervisor said he had no idea where it came from, it must have been left over from a previous owner.

Well then, I thought.

I wrote out the immediate what if? scenario on those little scraps of papers that libraries provide next to the card catalogs, the ones for remembering Dewey Decimal numbers, and within ten minutes had a serviceable flash fiction. I’d earlier asked Kyrsten where she’d been sending her pieces, and she pointed me at POV, who promptly accepted.

The title is the old slogan for Lego.

Number of rejections: 0